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Current MHA/001 Voting Rights of Patients admitted to NHS Hospitals or other Inpatient Facilities pdf
This policy aims to ensure that wherever possible and subject to the existing legal restrictions (as detailed below) inpatients on hospital wards / units should be able to exercise their legal right to vote. CPFT is committed to raising awareness of Patient‟s rights to vote and this policy is designed to assist Trust staff, carers, families and advocates to understand Patients voting entitlements and know where to gain further assistance if required. The policy is intended;  To raise awareness amongst patients admitted to inpatient facilities of their right to vote.  To help staff carers and families and advocates understand the clients voting entitlement and know where to get assistance if required.  To assist Trust staff by providing a framework for reference and guidance on the voting rights of patients within treatment services. Patient rights, legal restrictions, legal right, vote, right to vote
520KB 14/05/2021
Under review MHA/002 MHA S117 Aftercare Policy pdf
Guidance process and standards around identifying eligibility, defining s117 aftercare needs, monitoring review and discharge of s117 eligibility.
2MB 28/02/2019
Current MHA/003 Multi Agency Protocal for S135 pdf
Principle: Guidance for relevant agencies on these sections of Mental Health Law. Section 135 / S135 (1) / S135 (2) / Operational Policy
1MB 16/10/2021
Current MHA/004 Multi Agency Section 136 Policy with Flowchart for Longreach House pdf
• To ensure efficient, effective and dignified assessment arrangements for all patients who need to be removed to a place of safety (POS). • To ensure effective multi-agency oversight for POS arrangements within Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly • to ensure effective assessment by police officers and or the ambulance service to ensure transport to the most appropriate location • To ensure the use of a dedicated health POS in every case except for exceptional circumstances as permitted in regulations. • To ensure the use of police stations is only in exceptional circumstances and where it is legal to do so • To work across organisational boundaries in achieving these standards • To conduct a multi-agency review of this protocol every 12-months through the LCJB peninsula criminal justice mental health meeting
2MB 07/05/2022
Current MHA/006 Information for Patients Detained under the Mental Health Act Section 132 pdf
To provide guidance to clinical and nursing practitioners in accordance with the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended) and The Mental Health Act Code of Practice 2008
9MB 31/05/2020
Under review MHA/007 Section 17 Leave of Absence pdf
To provide guidance and information relating to the authorisation of section 17 leave for patients admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act.
600KB 14/04/2019
Under review MHA/008 Consent to Treatment under the Mental Health Act pdf
Sets out law and guidance around consent to treatment under the Act
428KB 01/07/2019
Under review MHA/009 Holding Powers – Section 5 Mental Health Act 1983 pdf
This document provides procedural policy on the application and uses of Section 5 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Its purpose is to ensure that high standards are maintained in the detention and care of patients within Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust hospitals.
383KB 09/01/2017
Current MHA/011 Operational Guidelines and Procedures for the Responsible Clinician under the Mental Health Act 1983 pdf
Operational Guidelines & Procedures for the Responsible Clinician under the Mental Health Act 1983, amended 2007, for Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust
595KB 23/04/2022
Current MHA/013 An Organisation Wide Document for the management of Absence without Leave (AWOL) pdf
This document;  has been developed in conjunction with the police service to provide a consistent response with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in assessing and managing risk from unplanned patient absence (including failure to return from planned leave)  provides a framework to enable an appropriate response which is determined on level of risk and is compatible with Mental Health Legislation  sets out the proactive strategies to support the reduction of AWOL as stated within the Patient Safety Programme – Sign up to Safety
876KB 23/04/2022
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